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Rosto Solidário Promotes Youth Participation with the GamEUfying Project

On May 29, Rosto Solidário organized a debate between party youths, aimed especially at young people.

This debate brought together representatives of the Liberal Initiative, the Social Democratic Youth, the Socialist Youth and the Free Party, who discussed topics such as Poverty and Inequalities, Climate Change and Europe-Africa Relations, under the slogan “What Europe Do We Want?”.

As well as presenting their parties’ proposals, the representatives took part in a dialog open to the public, who had the opportunity to make comments and ask questions.

With this event, Rosto Solidário aimed to foster young people’s critical sense and give voice to their hopes, concerns and motivations, at a time when the European elections are approaching.

The event was attended by 17 spectators who were able to get to know the GamEUfying project and its resources.

On May 13, Rosto Solidário presented the GamEUfying project at Arrifana Secondary School, at an event dedicated to Youth Participation.

The session was attended by at least 50 participants, including students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

During the presentation, the various aspects of the project were detailed, including the games developed and the simulation of the European Parliament held in Valladolid. The participants also learned how to access all the available resources, ensuring the continuity of the activities.

These opportunities underline, once again, the fundamental role of the GamEUfying project in promoting more participatory youth in Europe and broadening general knowledge about the European Union.

The project is coming to an end, but we know that these events will allow it to continue, which through its resources will last over time, promoting and extending its impact.