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Valladolid, 17 February 2024. Press Release: In order to obtain information about how the Political Parties organized themselves before a Plenary debate, the Press company of the European Parliament came to this event to make some requests to them

First, we met with the European Progressive Union Party:

Usually does your member’s group come to a conclusion easily?

Most of the time we don’t find much inconvenience in reaching a conclusion, for any reason we are members of the same political party. However, there are sometimes that our opinions are different, but never to the point of not finding a common conclusion.

How far do you believe Europe is inclusive? Are you working in the right direction?

The European Union supports values of social inclusion, justice, cooperation…. Therefore, being inclusive is one of our main objectives. I have no doubts we are going in the right way, yet it takes time to reach a real change.

Then it was the turn of European Conservative Party, who very kindly received our questions:

How do you feel about not finding support in other parties?

Sometimes it puts you in a compromising position, as you have to try to convince everyone without any support. It is disappointing seeing that the other parties are not collaborating in the same direction as you.

Do you feel that this lack of support puts you at a disadvantage?

Not always places us in a disadvantageous situation, as sometimes we find support from other parties. We are open to establish new agreements depending on our interests and in that way we can manage to get a consensus.

The European Green Movement parliamentary group also had their turn to speak to our journalists, and they responded as follows:

How do you perceive the overall atmosphere about social equity?

Social equity is one of the values that Europe tries to always keep in mind. We believe that accepting and supporting diversity makes us stronger as a union.

Furthermore, social equity should go near the promotion of sustainability. If we want to ensure a proper space, where individuals can develop themselves properly, we should preserve our planet.

As a whole party, do you believe in social change?

As I can see, all the parties that are involved in the Parliament are moving forward in order to achieve social change.

We are supporting the creation of campaigns to raise awareness within the population, to eliminate prejudices or stereotypes, to include social minorities… We are working on it, but the changes are so small that they are not even noticeable.

Lastly, the European Liberal Alliance party willingly participated in the team’s questions:

Honestly, does Europe support International Cooperation?

Of course, international cooperation is one of our main priorities. All the countries that are members of the European Union believe in the idea of cooperating internationally in order to move forward.

We should recognize our better economical and social position, that is why we don´t hesitate to lend them a hand.

What is your opinion about other parties being open-minded to new proposals

When it comes to discussing new ideas in the parlament all of them are open-minded to new ideas.

We tend to focus on the present, to have a look around to perceive new issues and try to solve them.

However, we should say that sometimes they keep in mind very strongly the European values, they are pigeonholed on them. They should listen to us, to our innovative and positive ideas.

In conclusion, the meeting has shown the importance of dialogue and cooperation in European decision making. As the EU moves into the future, it is vital that we continue to work together to address common challenges and promote a fairer and more caring Europe.

That’s all from the press team of the EU-NextGen European simulation meeting, thank you to all European parties for sharing with us your views and discussions.

See you next time!